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How to assemble a Wildcat Mini BMX bike

Every Wildcat Mini BMX comes 80% - 90% assembled - there are only a few small things you need to do before you can get out there and get shredding. If you get stuck, please email us on
Download the relevant assembly guides here:
Assembly instructions Wildcat Mini BMX Original 2 Series
Assembly instructions Wildcat Mini BMX OG and OG PRO Series

Download Wildcat Lynx 16 inch BMX bike owners manual

  1. Screw in the pedals. There is a right and left pedal marked R and L on the threaded end. (Right and Left when looking from the rear of the bike). The left pedal has an anti clockwise thread and the right pedal a clockwise thread. Be careful not to cross thread and strip out the crank arm.
  2. Clamp and center the handlebar into the stem clamp. Tighten all bolts evenly. Check and tighten the allen head screw at the top of the headset.
  3. Insert seat-post into seat tube and tighten seat clamp at the desired height.
  4. Connect the Disc Brakes (if included). View the full instructions here
  5. Connect the Gyro Kit (if included). View the full instructionshere
  6. Be sure that any nuts or bolts that may have come loose during shipping are firm. It is also good policy to make sure your bike is properly adjusted prior to every ride.
  7. Now get out there and shred!


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